Clifton Cox

Coach Clifton Cox is a Lexington, KY native with over 10 years coaching experience in USA swimming and local swimming leagues.  Coaching with Wildcat Aquatics since the fall of 2001, he has been in charge of all 10 & under and several 11-13 swimmers.  Clifton grew up swimming from age 5-14 with the Lexington Thoroughbred Swim Team that later changed it's identity to Wildcat Aquatics Swim Team.  Clifton is also a coach and swimmer for the Wildcat Master Swim team under the head coaching of his mother, Susan Bradley Cox, and assistant help of his wife, Jennifer Clifford Cox.

Along with many hours of involvement in the sport of swimming, Clifton offers extreme excitement and motivation to young swimmers.  Through concentration on technique and discipline, the Wildcat Aquatics swimmers are receiving great leadership from long time swimmer and coach.  Hard work is the basis of Clifton's success in the sport of swimming, and this reflects in the attitudes and efforts of his swimmers.  Along with his structured approach, Clifton offers fun and excitement that keep the kids focused on lifetime involvement in the sport.

Clifton graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelors in Fine Art, and attended Southern Illinois University for Graduate school in the concentrated area of metal sculpture.  Our team logo's and T-shirt designs are created by Clifton, along with various other teams in both the USA swimming and local swimming leagues.  Clifton's multitalented abilities have been a great addition to our program and swimmers lives.