Lancaster  Aquatic Center
The University of Kentucky's  Lancaster Aquatic Center, which opened March 29, 1989, represents the finest in  collegiate swimming and diving facilities.

The facility was used as a training site for the 1996 United States Olympic  Diving Team for one week leading up to the Olympic Games.

The natatorium is named for Harry C. Lancaster, former Athletics Director  (1968-1976) and an assistant basketball coach (1946-70) to Kentucky's legendary  Adolph Rupp.

The indoor facility is 25 yards by 176 feet with a movable bulkhead which can  be set at 25 yards, 25 meters, 50 yards and 50 meters. The movable bulkhead  allows the facility to be used for a number of activities other than swim meets  and practices, including recreational swimming aquatic classes, swimming and  diving lessons, scuba instruction, handicapped swimming and other  aquatic-related activities.

Racing lanes can be set up in five configurations: across-the-pool racing at  25 yards, 25 meters, 50 yards and 50 meters. Two 25-yard courses can be utilized  for large swim meets. Eighteen swimming lanes are available while diving events  are in progress. Long course racing will have eight full-size lanes for the  50-meter distance.

The swimming tank,  which holds 1,025,000 gallons of water, has a raised deck gutter with a large  overflow. This gutter design is similar to the Indianapolis Natatorium design.  Pool depth varies from 4.3 feet to 6.5 feet at the shallow end utilizing a  movable floor of 35 by 75 feet. Water under the diving boards and tower is 17  feet deep. The natatorium features Daktronic automatic timing for swim meets. A  16 by 23 foot wall mounted scoreboard containing 15,360 individual "Glo-Cube"  pixels allows full display of information for eight lane and 16 lane swim meets.  The scoreboard can also display graphics and animation sequences.

The diving facilities are among the best in the world. The facility has two  1-meter boards and two 3-meter boards set on concrete platforms. Each platform  is eight feet wide with lengths from 23 feet to 28 feet.

Winner of the 1990 Association of General Contractors Award for Structures,  the tower also has the only operating "force plate" in the world on the 10-meter  level. This electronically measures the force exerted by the divers as they  leave the platform. The University and U.S. Diving Inc. conduct research  utilizing the force plate.

There is a 40-foot dryland diving area permanently set up with a trampoline,  Portapit diving board and two diving/tumbling harnesses for somersaulting and  twisting practice.

The Aquatic Center has a full training room equipped with two treatment  tables, EGS and ultrasound machine, hydrocollator, and ice machine. There is a  trainer on duty at all times during practices.

The Aquatic Center has a weight room for the swimmers and divers equipped  with Cybex weight training machines. In the adjacent Seaton Physical Education  building are exercise physiology labs which are utilized for the testing of  swimmers and divers.

The second balcony of the Aquatic Center accommodates up to 750 spectators  and has a concession stand area.

In addition to hosting the 1996 U.S. Olympic Diving Team, the Aquatic Center  annually hosts the premier swimming and diving events in the state of Kentucky,  including all UK home meets, the Kentucky State High School Championships, the  Kentucky USS Championships, Zone and Regional Age Group and Senior Diving meets,  Kentucky Special Olympics, and Bluegrass Games Diving meets. Highlights at the  Aquatic Center have been the 1991 Southeastern Conference Championships, the  1995 Southeastern Conference Diving Championships, the 1995 NCAA Zone B Diving  Championships and the 1990 World Games Diving Team Trials.

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