Wildcat Aquatics

2004-2005 FEE SCHEDULE



Less 5%

Less 2%

1ST / 2ND Child

3rd / 4th Child

White 1 & 2



2 x $242.55



Red 1 & 2



2 x $374.85






2 x $529.20






2 x $661.50







  • The fee schedule is based on 1 year of operation.  Although Wildcat Aquatics does not train 12 months per year, it requires 12 months of work to keep the team running smoothly. 
  • The schedule above is based on a total of nine payments covering the cost of the entire 12-month year.  The year begins September 1, 2004, and ends August 31, 2005.
  • The nine payments begin in September and end in May.  Thus, you are not responsible for coaching fees in June, July, or August (only for maintaining your Escrow account).
  • Once you sign the family contract you are responsible for a season’s fees regardless of participation.  The yearly fee is broken into 9 payments for your convenience only.  There is no month to month participation.  However, if you desire to leave the team during the year for any reason, 30 days written notice is required to gain relief from further obligation of team fees.  If given proper notice of departure you may return to the team at a later date without penalty provided slots are still available. 
  • If you pay for the year in full postmarked by September 21, 2004 you will receive a 5% discount.
  • If you pay for the year in two installments you will receive a 2% discount.  The first payment postmarked by September 21, 2004.  The second payment postmarked by January 15, 2005.
  • If you choose to pay in nine payments, the payment structure is outlined in the chart above. All accounts will be closed out on the 25th of each month.  All accounts submitting payments postmarked after the 15th of the next month will incur a $25.00 late fee.
  • Your child will not be eligible to participate in workouts, meets or team functions if you are delinquent in your payments.  This rule will be enforced. 

·       The $95 registration fee is not a part of your coaching fees -- it is an annual fee. 

·       Your registration fee and first coaching fee payment is due postmarked by September 21, 2004.

·       If you have 3 or more swimmers, the two swimmers in the highest group will pay full price.  Your remaining swimmers have a 50% discount from their coaching fees.  Please note each swimmer must pay the full registration fee of $95.00.

·       Each new family will be required to establish an Escrow account of $50.00 per swimmer for entry fees.  This money will be due postmarked by September 21, 2004.

·       Each swimmer must maintain a $30.00 minimum balance in their Escrow account

·       Any credits in your Escrow account will be deducted from your last month’s bill, or carried over into the next season.

·       Questions: Contact our Bookkeeper, Letitia Hollingsworth, (859) 277-7946, voice mailbox #3

·       All payments must be sent to:  Wildcat Aquatics Inc.

                        Lancaster Aquatic Center

                                                      Dorm Complex Drive

                                                      Lexington, KY 40506-0219