Team Goals

#1 To be good ambassadors for Wildcat Aquatics, Lexington and USA Swimming.

We are recognized as a team with class, as well as speed. Each team member must understand the importance of displaying a positive image. This positive attitude will be visible through our thoughts, words and actions, in and out of the pool.

#2 To compete as a unified and spirited team.

Each team member will cooperate and contribute to the team effort. Positive support during meets, practice and social functions creates an atmosphere that inspires success, achievement and fun.

#3 To swim tough by facing obstacles with courage and determination.

When faced with a challenge or obstacle we will rise to the occasion. It will be a team trademark to respond to the challenge of a close race under any circumstance.

#4 To enjoy the athletic experience.

We have fun being athletes! We love being a part of this team. We set goals! We achieve those goals and we encouraging our teammates to do the same!